"Ideenstorming" of Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen (NRW, Germany) is a sort of cross-linked engine to produce new and up to now unseen ideas. This project takes advantage of the unlimited inventive power and the full communicative potential of the world of internet.

The framing and creating of answers to generate new ideas and unique approaches to specific querys (in the cultural sector) is done by a broad group of coparticipants displaying all sorts of knowlegde, aptitude and background. This group is growing consecutively through the whitespreaded and global cultural networks Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen (NRW, Germany) is able to dispose of by means of applications procedures, project cooperations a.s.o.

"Ideenstorming" is a completely novel way to leverage the talents of different people in search for new ideas and uncommon solutions. Simply by pushing the standard tools of internet to new aims it offers a multilayered and therefore wideangled and extended view a singular person could never achieve.

The engine allows the responding participants to enter quickly, by direct access and without particular effort their respective solving proposals to a given request for a new idea. Requests can have very different shapes. They can ask for new ideas as simple question for a fresh solution or they can hope for broader proposals for specific culture projects. They can present single and clearly outlined problems to solve or they can point towards participation proposals in joint research projects.

The principle of "Ideenstorming" aims for generating ideas in a dynamic and straightforward methodical way by streamlining the flow of idea-generating. Requests to produce new ideas for a given question are sended by email to a broad and powerful group of answering participants which is build on the global sheet of contacts of the Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen. This configuration allows all the necessary brain licence and lightness to generate new ideas in a fast pace and very efficient way.

"Ideenstorming" is intended to trace during the generating-process a whole range of hints and inspirations giving the inquirer a sound base and whitespread range of suggestions to enhance and complete the research of the best idea disponible for a given entry.

"Ideenstorming" is handled and administrated by Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen being the initiator of the project. Entries for a specific enquiry are launched via Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schöppingen (NRW, Germany). Please contact the Foundation to learn more.

After you've logged in Button the "Idea Request" allows to fill in your answer to a given request.
The Button "My proposal" lists your answers, once you gave them.